Podcast reccomendations - 04/2018


These are my currently podcast reccomendations as of April 2018

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Every week, you’re presented with an intersting tale relating to the internet. From online bounty hunters to crowdsourcing medical advice, this podcast’s range of stories are always interesting and worth a listen.

Episodes to get started

  • Long Distance : #102 / #103
  • The Secret Life of Alex Goldman : #96
  • Boy in Photo : #79

This American Life

This American Life is one of the most popular podcasts of all time. With over twenty years worth of archives, the amount of amazing episodes are endless.

Episodes to get started

  • Human Error in Voltile Situations : #634
  • 20 Acts in 60 Minutes : #241
  • Five Women : #640

My Favourite Murder

Every week, the hosts tell some of their favourite, most interesting true crime, murder stories.

Episodes to get started

  • My Firstest Murder : #1
  • Decompressions : #102


A look into the history of how illnesses and medcial problems were solved throughout time. Makes you wonder if we’re as wrong now as our ancestors were.

Episodes to get started

  • The Women Who Gave Birth to Rabbits
  • Opioid Addiction

No Such Thing As A Fish

The researches behind the facts for QI talk about their favourites facts of the week.

Episodes to get started

  • Really any, they’re all great

Page 94: The Private Eye Podcast

A more detailed look into some stories within Private Eye.

Episodes to get started

  • Hospital and Hacks
  • Credit and Christmas


Long form music analysis, each season focussing on an album.

Episodes to get started

  • S2E1 - Kanye West: The Elephant in the Room
  • S1E9 - Alright by Kendrick Lamar

Hello Internet

Two very inteligent, insightful and interesting people discuss topics of note; always thought provoking.

Episodes to get started

  • Being Wrong on The Internet, #1
  • Mr Chompers, #93


Two economist explore the hidden side of everything, from pizza stores to chuck e cheeses.

Episodes to get started

  • What Are you Waiting For?
  • How Big is My Penis? (And Other Things We Ask Google)

My Dad Wrote A Porno

I think the title of this one really says it all.

Episodes to get started

  • S1E1 - ‘The Job Interview;’


Adults tell the embarrassing stories of things they did as kids.

Episodes to get started

  • Titanic Ruined My Love Life, #88
  • How to Become a Catfish, #105

Notable mentions

S-Town, Serial, Crimetown

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