Don’t just say ‘hello’ to me

2023-01-25 | #productivity #ways-of-working

I was recently in a 1-1 with my new EM and was asked what annoys me at work. The one thing that immediately popped to mind was:

‘I hate it when someone just messages me “Hello” or “Hi, how are you” when they message me for something on Slack’

It became immediately apparent that, without proper context, this could be taken the wrong way. So I thought I’d explain my thoughts here.

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Kubernetes Networking #3: Ingress

2022-07-22 | #deep-dive #kubernetes

Kubernetes Ingress provide a way to expose HTTP(S) routes into your pods from a centralized controller and load balancer. It means you can define how the network traffic can get to your pod inside a Kubernetes resource and a controller hosted in the cluster takes care of the implementation.

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The case for time-tracking

2022-02-05 | #productivity #ways-of-working

Time tracking has a bad reputation, it invokes images of managers watching over your shoulder or pay being docked as you punched in minutes before your shift ended. Due to these, and many more, if you suggest to someone to start tracking their time they’re likely to look at you like you’ve gone mad.

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