Podcasts reccomendations - 07/2019


These are my currently podcast reccomendations for Q2 2019

The Teacher’s Pet

A great true crime podcast exploring a 36 year old cold case around a woman who went missing and who’s husband brought his 17 year old, school girl, girlfriend into the house within 2 days.

Episodes to get started

  • Ep. 1: Bayview

The Weeds

Podcast from Vox where they do a deep dive into a topic for ~1hr. If you pick an episode with an good topic usually very informative and interesting listen.

Episodes to get started

  • Americas two housing crises
  • Into the weeds with Elizabeth Warren

Gangster Capitalism

Series 1 of the podcast covers the admissions scandal with some truly horrific stories of entitled parents. The podcast really going into the inner works of the scams being done and the unprecedented scale of the system in place.

Episodes to get started

  • S1 [1] The Side Door

The Shrink Next Door

A deeply interesting and weird story around a therapist who abused his position with his patients. Focuses mainly on this one individual who got taken advantage of to a ridiculous level, leading to him being ostracised from his family and friends.

Episodes to get started

  • Welcome To The Neighborhood | 1


Season 4 of Dissect covers Tyler the Creators album, Flower Boy. An amazing and indepth look into this brilliant album with some bonus episodes covering some of his over work including his new album, Igor.

Episodes to get started

  • S4E1 - Tyler the Creator: Flower Boy
  • Dissecting Igor with Anthony Fantano