Podcast reccomendations - 02/2019


These are my currently podcast reccomendations for Q1 2019

The Butterfly Effect

Jon Ronson’s Audible exclusive (now available everywhere) where he explores the affect PornHub had on the porn industy. Very insighful and interesting, each episodes covering a broad area such as the impact on kids in school. Only 7 (+1 bonus) episodes but still covers a lot.

Episodes to get started

  • Ep. 1: A Nondescript Building in Montreal

The Last Days of August

Following on from The Butterfly Effect, released this year on Audible (public release in April), Jon explores the death of a famous porn star and the mystery surrounding her death and her husband.

Episodes to get started

  • Ep. 1

Bear Brook

True Crime stories focussed around two barrels of bodies found in the woods. The podcast covers how crime investigations methodologies were changed forever by the techniques used.

Episodes to get started

  • Ep. 1: Hide and Seek

This American Life

A classic podcast but some recent episodes are worth a mention, first covers

Episodes to get started

  • #661: But that’s what happened
  • #657: The Runaways
  • #486: Valentines Day (Act 2 in particular)


Two youtube/podcast company owners discuss productivity, goal planning, efficiency and technology

Episodes to get started

  • 78: State of the Apps 2019
  • 72: Adulting Complete
  • 79: 2019 Yearly Themes